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Geospatial Intelligence

OGSystems delivers the advanced geospatial systems integration, engineering, and development expertise necessary to solve our DoD and IC customers' hardest problems. Combining leading-edge technologies and methodologies, experienced staff, and key partnerships, OGSystems is a proven innovative GEOINT solutions provider. We have supported multiple customers, including the National Geospatial - Intelligence Agency (NGA), in building geospatial solutions to further their national security mission and advance the GEOINT tradecraft.

Additionally, OGSystems supports senior DoD/IC leaders in business analytics, cyber threat analysis, counterterrorism, metadata tagging and analysis, and high value targets as well as mission critical technologies such as alerting, enterprise dashboard, corporate metrics, and IT strategy investment.

Our GEOINT expertise includes:

  •   Data collection, processing, analysis, and exploitation
  •   Operations research support
  •   Algorithm development, modification, optimization, and standardization
  •   Geospatial systems performance
  •   Technology "mash ups" and innovations


Today's intelligence landscape demands the best in remote sensing tools for airborne and UAV collection. Rapid data collection and processing is key in getting actionable intelligence into the hands of decision makers faster. OGSystems' PeARL family of sensors form a powerful ISR system capable of collecting 1,000 square miles of data in just eight hours.


OGSystems' team of highly-skilled analysts and field service representatives deliver expert data processing in various geospatial phenomena including: LiDAR, SAR, EO, hyperspectral imagery, panchromatic imagery, infrared imagery, radar, full motion video, and polarization. OGSystems' TerraFlash advanced image processing system rapidly processes aerial imagery to produce seamless, orthorectified maps and full 3D models in as little as 24 hours.


At OGSystems, we understand the need to keep pace with data evolution, living with continuous change, and adapting and adopting emerging capabilities that can best improve consequence for our customers. Data Analysis and Exploitation are keys to Big Data success and OGSystems has the talent to understand this complex field where it's all about giving context to every data point on the planet.

We assemble a holistic understanding and decomposition of questions which drives analysis towards comprehensive information gathering. Using an unclassified open - content environment, we achieve a wide perspective from multiple mindsets prior to migrating to more secure networks for additional analysis and scrutiny.

Exploitation through visualization tools organizes and structures the area of interest between foundational characteristics, activities, and actors in a tangible environment where we are then able to dissect data elements from unknown - unknowns to known - unknowns. We then begin interrogating the data elements utilizing mathematical algorithms and data science techniques to filter out additional insights while building the knowledge base to better enable the push towards predictive analysis.