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Geospatial Data Solutions

The end-to-end GEOINT technology-enabling expertise you need to turn our world's data into actionable knowledge.

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Systems Engineering and Integration

The customer-focused approach you want to create efficient, resilient systems from design through implementation.

Facilities and Operations Management Icon

Facilities and Operations Management

We have established business processes and software tools for tracking global assets, managing construction projects, and strategic space planning.

Insider Threat Icon

Insider Threat

Our innovative techniques combat cyber threats across embedded system, network, and application technologies.

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Data Visualization and Decision Support

We use leading visual techniques to bring the right data to the forefront to help you make informed decisions.

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Cloud Services

We provide the expertise to plan, oversee, and execute organizations’ transition to the cloud.


OGSystems holds a variety of contracts supporting the IC and DoD. Information and OGS points of contact for some of those contracts can be found below.


The GSA Information Technology (IT) Schedule 70 offers trailblazing information technology services, geospatial processing and high-end data analytics,  IT facility operation and maintenance, systems and software development, and management and solutions-based IT products.

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We are adept in building, tailoring, and integrating the solutions our customers need to address their hardest challenges.


The Portfolio Alignment, Capabilities, Execution and Resources (PACER) solution provides a secure environment for the identification, development, selection, management and evaluation of Research & Development projects and investments. PACER’s core was designed on Capabilities – based planning principals, leveraging and integrating enterprise data, and adhering to DoD acquisition guidance.