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Holiday Community Contributions

OGSystems has experienced tremendous success this year, and with that comes the opportunity to give back to the community. In the past, OGSystems has volunteered with Our Daily Bread, Walter Reed, and Toys for Tots. This year we would like to expand our Christmas activity by volunteering with Operation Pinecone, in addition to assisting the five previously adopted families from the Our Daily Bread Thanksgiving activity.

Operation Pinecone is a grassroots, nonprofit organization based in South Riding, Virginia and consists of all volunteers who assemble gift and care packages for service members primarily stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan. The name Operation Pinecone originated when the founder Mary decided to include a little symbol from home for the holidays. Pine cones are found in nearly every state in America. Thus, a pine cone continues to be lovingly placed in each package that is shipped to our beloved heroes!

The packages are sent to different camps/units and to those who don't receive many packages. They have shipped packages to combat support hospitals in both of these countries as well.

The care packages are sent via large boxes in bulk and the costs associated with shipping averages $3000 a year. Monetary donations are toughest to come by but greatly needed. Every dollar they receive helps to make sure that all of the packages get overseas to the troops. The last delivery to the front line for Christmas is Dec 4th to guarantee Christmas delivery, and for larger cities like Baghdad is December 11th.

OGS Employees are assisting in two ways:

1. Pledge - Making a monetary donation in the form of check/cash made payable to OGSystems LLC. OGSystems will match each employees' donation dollar for dollar, and will present one check to Operation Pinecone on behalf of the company.

2. Packing Party - Assembling care packages for the troops.

For more information, please contact or call 703-870-7552.