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Press Release for the 3D viewer

OGSystems is proud to announce the beta release of our tactical edge device for the forward deployed geospatial intelligence user. As a geospatial company with deep ties to the warfighter, OGSystems is continuously working to equip and provide our military forces with all of the advantages of today’s latest technologies. As demand for 3D visualization grows our goal is to provide the capability to the most forward leaning portion of our armed forces.

OGSystems developed the LIDAR data viewer and exploitation application leveraging the Android OS. The viewer allows tactical users to take LIDAR point cloud data and zoom, maneuver, and interpret visual features in a native 3 dimensional format, including points of entry and structure mensuration (height, width, length), all while fused with contextual imagery.   The viewer also allows for real-time annotation of pertinent information for collaboration with networked users.

With successful demonstrations to the Special Forces community and the ever growing need for better, more effective GEOINT, OGSystems is helping to put the power of GEOINT into the hands of the forward user.