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Data Collection


PeARL logo
3D aerial mountain image in high resolution taken by PeARL camera

PeARL 3D Aerial Imaging System

The PeARL 3D aerial imaging system is a high-volume, high-resolution aerial reconnaissance and remote sensing product. When combined with WulfPack computer clusters and TerraFlash processing algorithms, the PeARL system forms a powerful mapping and ISR system capable of generating wide-area orthorectified maps and full 3D models in under 24 hours.
PeARL Camera System
  • Standard PeARL Configuration

  •   6 or less ground sampling distance
  •   Includes data acquisition and viewing software
  •   Generates multiple file formats (GeoTiffs Tiffs, NITFs, JPGs)
  •   15,000 ft. operating altitude
  • Features & Benefits

  •   Adaptable to meet customer requirements
  •   Extensively automated
  •   Modular/Networked Architectures
  •   Proven system with 10 years of worldwide military experience
PeARL Flex logo

Make the Switch

PeARL Flex fits standard FMV sensor mounts requiring minimal aircraft alteration.

PeARL Flex Camera

Features & Benefits

  Roll-on/roll-off capability

  Fits standard full motion video mount

  Minimal aircraft alteration

  15,000 ft. AGL operating altitude

PeARL Lite logo

Less is more with PeARL LITE

The power of PeARL, designed specifically for smaller aircrafts and UAVs.


Features & Benefits

  UAV and small aircraft ready

  Aerodynamically designed for minimal drag and zero lift

  Capable of collecting nearly 1,000 square miles in 8 hours

  7,000 ft. AGL operating altitude