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Fostering Innovation with USGIF Young Professionals

Fostering Innovation with USGIF Young Professionals

The government is in the beginning of a massive shift of how they do business. Traditional habits are proving to be less and less valuable and cost-effective, and true innovative practices are starting to take off. OGSystems continues to pave the way for innovation within the DoD/IC, and is setting an example for smaller, up-and-coming businesses to follow. As OGS continues to grow, one of our main goals is to share our vision so that the government, our customers, can have the best possible solutions to their problems.

This business model has been around for years in the commercial industry; students are taught in their schooling to think outside the box and excel in fast-paced, innovative environments. This is why OGSystems is taking the initiative to be active with young professionals within the DoD/IC community. One of the ways we are doing this is through the Young Professionals Group (YPG), established by the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF). USGIF is an organization dedicated to promoting the geospatial intelligence tradecraft and community, where its young professionals group is designated for new geospatial intelligence professionals to become engaged in the community. A video describing the YPG can be found at the following link: OGSystems is now actively involved with the YPG, sharing its vision with like-minded professionals in the community who will one day be calling the shots.

The YPG has a strong DC metro presence and a growing St. Louis presence. The third Thursday of every month, YPG has a networking happy hour event in both regions. In December, OGS hosted the YPG Third Thursday event at our headquarters’ open house. Feedback from members was unanimously positive, signaling the start of a long and beneficial relationship between the two organizations. We are also heavily involved in special events such as GEOINTeraction Tuesdays and community outreach events like SpyFest in DC. Not only does a strong YPG presence engage our community with our vision for a better future, but it also serves as an excellent way to attract top talent in the industry.

OGSystems also has a voice in the Young Professionals Working Group (YPWG), an action team of a few dedicated individuals working to progress the YPG vision and plan events. This will lead to potential sponsorships of industry events and partnerships for community engagement. By being a part of the working group and increasing its presence at YPG events, OGS firmly plants itself in a position to help effect positive change and to foster valuable relationships to boost innovation and success across the industry.