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Offensive Security Training With OGSystems

Offensive Security Training With OGSystems

The OGSystems Offensive Security team recently held its first training course. This first class entailed learning the metasploit framework, a very crucial and important tool for penetration testers and offensive security experts. It was challenging, but well received by students! The strong point with training at OGSystems is that we throw out the PowerPoint presentations and theory. We strongly believe in real world, practical, hands on training. You can watch many videos, and watch many presentations but until you actually put hand to keyboard, you are missing out! We have built a new catalogue of training courses that we plan on hosting in the future. All classes are taught by industry experts who have had extensive experience.

If you are a company wanting to host a training event for employees, a security professional who wants to enhance their skills or expand into other areas of security, or just enthusiasts who are trying to get into the security field, we would love to have you! We can offer training in the following areas:

  • Linux Scripting: Learn fundamental to advanced Linux scripting. Write your own security tools to automate offensive security tasks.
  • Wireless Attacks: Learn how to analyze 802.11 wireless traffic, how to attack wireless encryption and also learn tricks like spinning up rogue or fake access points and MITM techniques.
  • Metasploit: Learn beginner through advanced metasploit framework concepts and application. Learn how to create your own backdoor, trojan payloads, malicious PDF’s, java applets and more! Learn creative techniques when dealing with windows UAC with windows 7 and 8.1.
  • Web Application Attacks: Learn how to identify web applications and services. Learn fundamental skills like SQL injection, Cross Site Scripting (XSS) and more. Learn about web-shells, abusing uploaders and other techniques!
  • Traffic Analysis: Learn how to manually detect malicious web and network traffic. Learn packet analysis with tools like wireshark, tcpdump, and network miner. Understand what your IDS doesn’t detect!
  • Reverse Engineering & Analysis: Learn how to identify executables, basic assembly language instructions and how to analyze and debug programs.

Most security training is overpriced and can be financially difficult for people to afford, therefore we have tried to be as flexible as possible offering classes individually or you can take the entire Cyber Warfare Course which covers everything. Quality over quantity is also very important to us. We cap our classes at ten students per class so that the instructor has time to help and spend one-on-one time with each person. Take a class! We would love to have you!