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Visioneers Sustain Community Through Networking

Visioneers Sustain Community Through Networking

Participation in broader industry helps grow and maintain visualization practice

As OGSystems continues to define itself as a disruptor, presenting new ways of designing and developing mission driven solutions will mean engaging with customers at deeper levels. The first rule of design is that form follows function, and an understanding of how humans function in their organizations is an attribute our competitors rarely acknowledge. And yet, more often than not, technology solutions fail not because of the solution itself, but rather because insufficient attention was given to the human component.

The good news is we don't have to come up with the answers for how to solve the human dimension. Engaging in the field of organizational development and design provides us with the tools and methodologies we need to bring people along. Designing solutions in light of the organization rather than in spite of the organization means we will win our battles before they have even begun.

In addition to supporting client needs, part of growing and maintaining a leading visualization practice is about being an active part of the community, participating in the broader industry and networking with talent in complimentary fields.

At the recent Chesapeake Bay Organizational Development Network conference ( representatives from the Visioneering team partnered with other visual practitioners and thought leaders in organizational development by graphic recording important topics around cultivating sustainable communities:

  • Loosely Coupled Systems and Developing Sustainable Organizations
  • Surviving the Social, Political, and Economic Climate
  • Using Social Media to Build Sustainable Online Communities
  • Leveraging Sustainable, Positive Interventions through Appreciative Inquiry
  • From Conversational Chemistry to Conversational Sustainability

Brian Tarallo and Trent Wakenight partnered both with organizational development presenters in breakout sessions and other members of the graphic recording team during keynotes and plenary discussions throughout the conference. Heather Martinez organized the team of graphic recorders and recorded the keynote.

The Visioneering team continues to sustain community by networking organizational development practitioners in the field and working with the human dimension everyday.

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