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Jivango: Connecting Innovative Capabilities to Operational Needs

Jivango: Connecting Innovative Capabilities to Operational Needs

Enter JIVANGO Ecosystem

The federal acquisition process has often been broadly painted as non-responsive, slow and arcane. We thought about the problems with regulations and paperwork and discovered that maybe, just perhaps, that the problem wasn’t a lack of desire to do things better and faster; the acquisition professional and users just needed a modern tool that allowed them to find capabilities that already exist and could simply be bought.

Jivango is a place for suppliers to broadcast who they are, what they do, and what they have built to potential clients who have needs and crave innovative solutions – quite often from the hubs of innovation that seldom do business with the government.

This social media designed ecosystem is innovation-driven with clients providing mission needs, challenges, and interaction with suppliers through crowd-source style design projects and challenges. This ecosystem creates an environment that fosters and proliferates transparency and marketing, online collaboration, immersive solution assessment, and business process modernization.

We believe we have built a platform that provides the lowest-barrier of entry, ensuring the widest possibility of solution and service providers are included.

Market research is the first critical step in understanding current capabilities and products available to any buyer considering what they need, and is the best avenue to getting a capability in the hands of users.