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Taking a Play from Simon Sinek-The OGSystems Why

Taking a Play from Simon Sinek-The OGSystems Why

Figuring out how to grow with a company is tough - especially when you started very small and the changes are rapid. The skills you need at each stage change quickly, no matter what your level in a company, and that’s why “what got you here won’t get you there" is a common saying in business.

At OGSystems, when we were small, just winning was enough to galvanize a team. Knowing how to sling great code or crush a proposal would be the common purpose for everyone. As we grew, learning and adjusting to what glued everyone together got more critical, especially with offices across the country. When employees weren’t in the same office and didn’t know everyone’s name anymore, our people started to feel disconnected from the core mission.

Learning new management techniques, committing to training, having a fun-loving culture, and just having great services and customer loyalty help counteract this and keep a tight team vibe. But nothing compares to sharing a common vision for why people want to spend a third of their lives in a particular job or organization. No one has said this better than Simon Sinek, and you should check out his TEDx talk How Great Leaders Inspire Action and his book, “Start With Why.” Sinek’s Golden Circle concept illustrates that a company isn’t its products and services. Those are only a manifestation of why it exists.

At our recent leadership session, we thought long and hard about this, and we committed to that common purpose again with our why: Challenge the Intelligence Community Status Quo and Impact National Security.

What is your why?
This post originally appeared on LinkedIn on Friday, September 25. Connect with and follow OGS President Garrett Pagon here.