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The Power of Ideas

The Power of IdeasClick to Zoom In

The current state of the market in the Intelligence Community sees the U.S. Government seeking to innovate in its approach to problem solving. The Department of Defense stood up the Defense Innovation Unit Experimental (DIUx) in Silicon Valley in order to “cultivate and facilitate a lasting relationship with new innovators.” Dr. Raymond Cook, CIO for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) was recently quoted saying, “It is in the interest of national security to ensure that we enable the widest possible access to the best possible use of the data we possess.” The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) released its Commercial GEOINT Strategy with a focus on utilizing industry exploration, experimentation, and evaluation of commercial GEOINT sources to answer their hardest problems.

The failure to achieve this mission continues to put our national security at risk. At OGSystems, we recognize that our role as an innovative solutions provider is key in helping the government achieve their modernization goals.

So what does it mean to be “an innovative solutions provider?” It goes beyond words, talking, and being academic about the definition. We are in the business of building solutions that are often compartmentalized by internal development, external commercial products, integration, and capability translation. Our culture, networks, and partnerships allow us to translate the power of ideas into reality, the foundation of our VIPER Labs. As a GEOINT technology enabler, many of our solutions are off-the-shelf “mashup innovations” and are co-created through key partnerships with non-traditional technology companies and the voice of the customer. We are a geospatial multiplier using simplified and transparent processes to enhance intelligence integration. Our goal is to unseat archaic processes and advance the GEOINT tradecraft.

Blue Glass is our dynamic, disruptive platform in the GEOINT space. It acts as an analytical engine to solve for small and achievable results. A combination of technology, subject matter experts with mission knowledge and technical depth, end user input, non-traditional partnerships and data sources are just a few of the resources utilized primarily in our VIPER Labs.

Secretary of Defense, Ash Carter’s recent appointment of former Google CEO Eric Schmidt as the head of the Pentagon’s new Defense Innovation Advisory Board shows dedication to a new approach to innovation in the government. As the Department of Defense continues to develop and embrace “A Global Intelligence Enterprise,” OGSytems will continue to immerse with our customers to understand mission needs and challenges, particularly in the technology stack, with a focus on ubiquitous data access, analytics and processing. We want to help disrupt long-standing policies and procedures and enable an innovative approach to national security and implement the vision of our customer demand signals – build a little, test a little operate a little, and deploy capabilities to the floor in days or weeks.

OGSystems’ Blue Glass is our key to delivering successful solutions for the national security mission. We invite collaboration and together we will #OwnTheOutcome!