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Understand Your World Through GEOINT Analysis as a Service

Understand Your World Through GEOINT Analysis as a ServiceClick to Zoom In

Service-based approaches to data (DaaS), software (SaaS) and platforms (PaaS) are everywhere. They are growing and they are the way content and tools are being hosted and accessed. So what is GEOINT Analysis as a Service (GaaaS)? Why is it the right time for it now? What will it do for you? OGSystems is building our Blue Glass platform to answer these questions and change how you Understand Your World.

OGSystems' Blue Glass is an Analysis as a Service platform focused on bringing GEOINT data, IoT location-based content, and analytic algorithms together to assess risk, and identify and warn of anomalous activity to inform operators and decision makers; it is a GEOINT platform for non-GEOINT savvy users. Our goal is to bring together the most comprehensive data to assess the patterns of life for facilities, cities, and regions. We will deliver a service that will help you reduce risk, make decisions, and take action. We want OGSystems Blue Glass to be the most robust and easiest to use location-based information platform ever built.

To achieve this, OGSystems is partnering with the leading satellite imagery providers, IoT data providers and cognitive analysis capabilities.  We will bring these capabilities together and provide customers with a view into their world that they have never had before. Blue Glass will provide unique insights by combining imagery, imagery analysis, and big data to deliver statistical analysis information that helps organizations understand and use these insights to assess threat or gain a competitive advantage.

We are pleased to announce Planet as our first strategic partner in the development of OGSystems' Blue Glass. Over the coming weeks we will continue to add partners to the Blue Glass platform, many who have never been part of the same ecosystem. With less than three months of development time, we will be rolling out our first minimal viable product (MVP) to lighthouse customers. Applying OGSystems Immersive EngineeringTM and Lean Startup principles, we will rapidly make changes to the platform around our customers' needs and mission.

For more than a decade, OGSystems has worked to disrupt the status quo. This level of collaboration and innovation is who we are, how we act, and how will continue to be thought leaders in the GEOINT community.

Join us as we Own the Outcome to help you Understand Your World.

John Goolgasian is an OGS Associate Partner and leading GEOINT Analytics.