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Understanding: The Real Revolution in Data Discovery

Understand Your World Through GEOINT
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The exponential growth of data over the past decade has had both positive and negative effects on decision making — we are awash with data and lack easy to use tools to make sense of it all. Analysts and operators responsible for understanding the world’s most important issues and protecting critical assets spend over 80 percent of their time discovering information. This discovery process is usually manual; it involves gathering data and cleaning and normalizing datasets just to be able to ingest the content in proprietary databases and software to perform analysis and then build products to support decision making and operations.

OGSystems has taken the bold step to shift that paradigm with our Blue Glass platform. Our goal is to build an elegant platform that seamlessly brings disparate data together, processes that data, finds trends and patterns, and presents it to consumers for immediate use. Our approach is built around location intelligence. Location is of utmost importance and data is king. With Blue Glass we combine data, cognitive analytics, and location for our users so they can focus their time on Understanding their World and to producing decision advantage. The goal of this initiative is to push the complexity of data, its storage, and processing over to the technology and leave the onus on the user to ask smart questions against it.

We recently announced our partnership with Planet, TransVoyant, and Prescient in the development of Blue Glass. These partnerships bring together the worlds of streaming big data, cognitive analysis, and imagery to provide users with the most comprehensive location-based intelligence available. OGSystems, along with the Blue Glass team, ingests, cleanses, and formats events of disparate data across the globe, making them easily accessible and understandable. Blue Glass automates data presentation, presents the most relevant information, and alerts significant change in that data to drive the focus to the location of high-priority content. We aim to identify patterns of life, identify normalcy, and automatically alert to changes in that normalcy.

So what’s next? Blue Glass will implement automatic change detection and statistical change modeling. We are also implementing a living narrative process on big data streams that will automate analysis on multiple data sources to provide context, and present its users’ information in a story format for ease of understanding.

Blue Glass is revolutionizing the approach to collection, aggregation, and analysis of big data and coordinating that with advanced imagery processing and pattern recognition. I am psyched to be part of this initiative and continuously looking to add partners who want to join forces with OGSystems in this mission — from a solution perspective or as lighthouse customers.

Learn more about OGSystems’ Blue Glass and sign up for the distribution list.

Understand Your World

Harsh Govind is an OGS Associate responsible for strategy and business operations on the Blue Glass team.