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Viper Labs

Contrinsic Government Contract Management

Contrinsic is a government contract management solution designed to manage large contracts, including IDIQ vehicles with multiple vendors and task orders. It employs technology that enables agencies to manage and oversee task orders, vendors, and finances at an enterprise level.

Enterprise 360 Business Intelligence Tool

Enterprise 360 (E360) is a business intelligence tool that automates data collection and reporting, and provides decision makers web-based access to key parameters measuring mission impact. Workflow and automation are core components of the E360 system, serving as the core technology for its decision support process and visualization engine. Workflow logic can be developed and deployed on the fly by mission users and commanders, enabling rapid integration of process and procedural changes in the Requirements Management Lifecycle.


Jivango Market Research Platform

Jivango facilitates relationship building that connects people with the capabilities they need to solve real world problems. Here you can discover new communities, teammates, capabilities, and problems to solve. Jivango allows you to communicate and collaborate in focused channels while getting exposure to new markets.

Scholaris Product

Scholaris Semantic Enterprise Search

Scholaris is an enterprise search tool that harnesses advanced Natural Language Processing capabilities to intuitively search for and retrieve enterprise content up to 75% faster than traditional Boolean methods. Scholaris indexes, processes, tags, and semantically classifies enterprise content, providing a central platform to efficiently search for and retrieve critical information when and where you need it.

Viper Labs Offensive Security Research logo iconic picture of Viper Labs

Venom Framework Viper Labs Security Research

The Viper Labs Security Research Team is dedicated to combatting the next generation of cyber threats across a broad range of embedded system, network, and application technologies. Our Security Researchers develop innovative techniques, tradecraft, and tools that advance our customers' Cyber Defense Posture. The OGS team has extensive expertise in vulnerability research and exploit development and has developed a fully modular framework (V3N0M) that includes a suite of tools for performing end-to-end cyber missions, taking into account each step of the Cyber Attack Cycle, from reconnaissance to exploitation and exfiltration. The team offers expert penetration test services and cyber defense training services and supports Quick React Capabilities (QRC) for rapidly developing and integrating new reconnaissance and defense modules in support of our customers' mission needs.